Looking for a little light reading? Here are some of our bite-size guides for marketing,
alumni & development folk – free to download and fun to flick through!

Social Media Guide

The whole world is on social media, and schools and universities need to be too. But unless you’re Justin Bieber or the Pope, getting a dedicated social media following is not easy.
Here’s your quick (and humurous) guide to the big social channels and what you can do to engage your busy alumni.

B-school Fundraising Booklet

Business schools have long been in the business of raising cash there are plenty of lessons we can learn from these slick operators. In this guide we interview experienced development directors from five top international b-schools and ask them to share their secrets, stories and successes.

Data Law Q&A for schools

Data privacy and fundraising regulation have been hot topics in the news recently – leaving many of us somewhat hazy on what to do next. We’ve asked legal firm Stone King to prepare a Data Law Q&A for UK school alumni teams, summarising what to be aware of, how the law is changing and what steps to take this year to be prepared.

Museum Fundraising Booklet

When it comes to wooing donors, museums are among the most successful. We’ve compiled interviews with experienced Development Directors from top UK attractions including The Lowry and The Natural History Museum, who share their tips for school development teams.